Friday, March 4, 2011

Emotions, Emotions, Emotions!!!

These past 5 days have been AMAZING!  I have been with my Husband and it has never felt so good to be close to him!  We have had such a great time....and I dont want it to end!  All good things come to an end eventually though!  :(  He will be home with me in Iowa in a few weeks so I have something to look forward to.  :)  We have gotten a lot accomplished this week so that has been good.  I am hoping that I dont cry tomorrow when I take him to the Airport....Im sure I will though!  I have a 12 hour drive after that though so I cant wear myself out!  LOL

Bill has gotten to spend a lot of time with Kadynce and also be able to feel and see Bradyn play (maybe with his weiner like I said before!!  HAHA)

I am still not sure how I got SO lucky to have met this man!  He is my everything!  I cannot thank God enough to have brought this AMAZING man in to my life that night!  I am just as in love with him now than I was when we met and got married!  My love for him grows everyday.  It will be SO hard when he has to deploy in less than 2 months but I know that we can make it through it!  Bill.....I love you SO much and cant wait to be with you in a few weeks!  <3  143 BLTS  <3

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