Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the blink of an eye...

In the blink of an eye it is now almost February!  Bradyn is now 9 months, Kadynce is about 22 months, and Bill and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary next week!  Time is going SO fast!!!

Kadynce started school last week and she is loving it!  She loves going and seeing her friends. 

Bradyn is now standing with the help of things and starting to walk with them.  Soon, he will be walking on his own!  WOW!

Bill leaves for a month starting next week.....of course, on our anniversary!  It couldnt be a day later....ugh!!  :(  Im not too sure what we are planning on doing for the morning since he dont leave until the afternoon, but Im sure it wont be anything too crazy!

Ive been sewing A LOT lately and have started a mini business.  Ive been making quilts, pillows, and diaper bags.  Ive had a few orders so far and have completed 2.  Only a couple more to go but Im sure by then, Ill have more!  :)  I find it very relaxing to sew and cant wait to get to work on the next projects!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the New Year with a BANG!!!

I havent written in here for a LONG time!  Since it is now 2012, one of my goals is to write in here more. 

Things have been going GREAT!  Bill has been home a month and a half so far.  It seems like just yesterday that he got home.  I LOVE him being home!  It has definitely been an adjustment but SO worth it!  I hate being apart from him!!  Who wouldnt hate it??  The one person in the WORLD that you love more than ANYTHING and would do ANYTHING for is gone...what are you suppose to do?  It SUCKS!  I am not sugar coating it for anyone...I wouldnt wish it on anyone at all!

Talking about that, I found out the my BFF has to deploy again.  She went a few years ago in my position.  I had knee surgery so I wasnt able to go.  She decided that she wanted to go in my spot.  I love her for that!  She had a great time but I still missed her!  This time, her and her Husband are going at the same time.  That will be great for both of them! 

The kids are getting BIG!  We just had their pictures taken on the beach and they turned out AMAZING!  Deneil Bradford did an AMAZING job!  She will definitely be taking our pictures again!!

We got to Skype with my Mom the other day...we all enjoyed that!  She LOVED being able to see the kids and how big they have gotten.

Well, thats a wrap for now, but I WILL write more soon!!!    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :)