Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its been ROUGH!

The last couple of days have been ROUGH!  I have been SO emotional and feeling overwhelmed with everything!  Kadynce is getting a few teeth in at the same time so she has been cranky and not helping.  LOL 

I have not been feeling too well the last few days and with Kadynce being vranky it only makes me feel worse. 

Sometimes I feel like I could bitch out a few people.....All I ever hear is how everything will be okay and how I should just be happy that I have a Husband that supports me.  Dont get me wrong, I am SO glad that my Husband supports me and our family.  I am glad that he supports all of my choices and decisions as well.  BUT....being away from him is NOT as easy as some people think it is!  Like I have said MANY times before...until you are in MY shoes, you will NEVER know how I feel or what I am going through!!!  Until then, you can tell me your opinions all you want....even though I probably wont listen!  I will feel how I want and when I want!  The only person that knows EXACTLY what I am going through is my Husband....and he doesnt get the full effect but close enough to it!  He has been my rock through all of this and will continue to be. 

I hate how I thought I could depend on a few people but I dont think I can.  I feel pretty alone and by myself a lot of the time.  I guess that is what I get for moving back here.  Again....all I hear is that it would be worse if I were in Japan......then I would be by myself with both kids and nobody to help.  Sometimes, I feel like that is what I have here in Iowa so it would be no different.  Im hoping that after Bradyn is born, time will go fast and my Husband will be back to get us to go back to Japan. 

On a GOOD note....I get to see my Husband in less than a week!  I am SO excited!  I am NOT looking foward to the 11 hour drive but it will be TOTALLY worth it!  I just want to be in his arms.....even though it is for only 4 days!

Bill Denney-Im SO excited to see you and be in your arms!  I cannot wait until I get to see you in LESS than a week!  You are my rock and my EVERYTHING!  Im so glad that you are by my side with all of my choices and you almost always seem to make me in a better mood with your words!  I love you SO much!

<3  143 BLTS  <3

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