Saturday, June 18, 2011

As time flies by... has been a month since I have written on here!  Time is going SO FAST!  Bradyn is already 2 months old!!!  I cant believe it!  Only 4 months left before I go back to Japan.  Im SO ready!  I just know that not too long after I go back my Husband will be back with us! 

I have gotten to chat with Bill quite a bit lately!  Thanks A LOT to WiFi!!  :)  We even get to webcam!  The only thing that I dislike about seeing him on the webcam is seeing him sad when he gets to see the kids.  I know that it is just as hard on him as it is me....but he HAS to have it worse!  He dont get to see the kids every day like I do.  I know that he would LOVE to!  We hate being apart from each other but time is going soo fast that Im sure it will feel like tomorrow we will all be together again!  Until then, we just have to webcam and chat!  (which we are both okay with!!)

Kadynce LOVES seeing her Daddy on the webcam!  She just wants to stand in front of the computer and wave and blow kisses to him the whole time!  Its SOOO cute!  And to see the smiles on Bills face when he gets to see her is priceless!!  Bradyn was awake today when we got to chat and cam so Bill got to see him!!!  It was GREAT!  

It was great having the hour with my Husband today!  He is the best Husband and Daddy that anyone could want...and I HAVE HIM!!!!  I love him SO much and cant wait to be in his arms again....soon!!!!  <3