Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1 Year Later.....

1 year ago today I brought my Princess in to the world!!  She is the BEST that I could have asked for!  She is my whole world!  I waited FOREVER for her to come.  I went through 21 1/2 hours of labor before she arrived!  Im just glad that I only pushed for 30 minutes! 

Now....a year later, I am about to go through it again!  I am currently 4 cm and 70% effaced.  Im hoping that Bradyn comes SOON because I am MISERABLE!  My contractions are 1-4 minutes apart.  I just need them to get a little stronger so I can dilate more!  Im not too sure how much longer I can handle this pain without some meds but the Nurses and Drs at the Birth Center seem to think that all women in labor are wonder women and can handle all of the pain! to them....Im NOT wonder woman!  I HATE PAIN!!!! 

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