Tuesday, January 11, 2011

is SO ready....

This week has been SO stressful.  My Brother Tim has been in the ICU on ventilators and breathing machines.  He has so far made a FULL recovery.  God was DEFINITELY looking down on us and we are all SO thankful that he is still here with us.  He is now out of the ICU and making progress towards his future.  He has a long ways to go but we are all here supporting him.

Ive been missing my Husband a lot today....he is my WORLD and means SO much to me.  I am still not ready for him to be away from me, even though he has been for a few days already.  I would never have been "ready"!  I think that today has been so hard just because it is his Birthday and we are not together.  Im sure that all of the holidays will be hard for me.  I know that I will make it through all of this but it will not be easy.  It helps that Bill has recorded books for the kids with his voice reading.  It helps me as well so I can hear his voice and know how much he loves and misses the kids.  I am sure that we will have PLENTY of recorded books by the time he gets back! 

Bradyn has been moving SOO much!  Im really happy that this pregnancy has been TOTAL opposite as Kadynce's.  My Dr has decided that if things keep going well then we will induce around 38 or 39 weeks.  I guess only time will tell but I think that things will keep going smooth. 

Im SO ready for the deployment to be over and Bradyn to be here!!  I just want my perfect little family back together so we can grow and be happy together and with each other.  I miss my Husband and I know that Kadynce misses her Daddy!  I almost cried when we were on Skype and she got to see her Daddy.....all she wanted to do was touch his face!  It was SO cute! 

To Bill.....I want you to know that we love you VERY much and miss you BUNCHES!  Im SO glad that you are my Husband and that our kids have been SO lucky to have you as their Daddy!  I cant wait until we are all in your arms again!!!  We love you!  <3

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