Monday, May 2, 2011

Phone Call #1

Today I got my 1st phone call from Bill!!!!!  It was 15 minutes of PURE GREATNESS!!!  I was not expecting it at all.....I thought that I would get an email first!  I was soooo happy to hear his voice.  I think I fell in love all over again!  Its nice to know that he is doing well.  Hes in a tent (for now) but it has air conditioning (thank gosh because he said its SO hot over there right now) and it has power outlets!  So, I guess that is better then nothing!!  He said that the food is not too bad but it depends on which chow hall he goes to.

Im getting ready to send him his first soon as I get his address!  Im excited!!!  Ive gotten LOTS of ideas from friends on what they have sent their Husbands when they were deployed!  :)  

Hopefully Bill will get the rest of the way settled in soon and on a routine!  I keep telling myseld that time is already going fast so it can only be a sign that we will be together again in no time!!  <3 

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