Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just checkin' in... :)

I havent written on here for a few days so I thought I would give some updates.  Bill is doing he says!!  He is working REALLY long hours in the HORRIBLE heat!  I feel so bad for him!  Im hoping that time is going just as fast for him as it is me!  I cant believe that Bradyn is almost a month old already!!  Where has the time went?!? 

Bradyn is doing very well even after the tests that we had to go through.  It turns out that surgery or further tests are not necessary.  Thank gosh!  I wouldnt be able to handle any of that without Bill here!

Kadynce is doing great and growing like a weed!  She is definitely my lil' princess.....but has been VERY moody lately!  She misses her Daddy....just like I do!  We still have Daddy Time and she LOVES that!  She listens to his books and looks at his pictures.  It melts my heart to see her get so excited to see him! 

Im HOPING that we will get to webcam with Bill soon!  I miss his face!  I love him VERY much and cant wait to be in his arms again.  :) 

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