Monday, February 7, 2011

My King and My Prince!

Today I had an ultrasound to see Bradyn!  He is SOO cute!  I LOVE IT!  He has his Daddys nose....just like Kadynce!  It makes me miss Bill even more and wishing that Bill could be here to be at the Dr appointments with me.  I miss my King!!!  He is my EVERYTHING!  My Mom has been going with me to all of my appointments so that keeps my mind off of Bill not being there.  Im SO glad that I have the support that I do from my Mom and my Grandma!  They mean SO much to me and are definitely helping me get through all of this without my Husband!

Bradyn is almost 3 pounds and looks GREAT!  He is still a BOY!  LOL  The Dr definitely made that clear....!!  :)  Bradyn was all open today and not being shy!  Again.....he must take after his Daddy!  Just kidding!  He has LOTS of hair already too!  I cant wait until he is in my arms.....but I can wait until he gets bigger and gains more weight! 

To Mr Denney-We love you VERY much and cant wait until we get to see you again!  Thank you for giving me my and them are my WHOLE world!  I am SO happy to call you my Husband and for our kids to call you Daddy...(well, Da Da)!!  I love you with all of my heart and MORE and you make me SO happy!  143 BLTS!

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