Thursday, November 4, 2010

3 Days Left...

So, 3 days left and my baby comes HOME!  Im SO excited since I have been feeling GREAT and the pregnancy is going well!  I've missed him SO much!  6 weeks is too long to be away from each other!  It sucks!! 

Today the Housekeepers came.  It was GREAT!  They do EVERYTHING.  From cleaning the house, to laundry, to mowing the grass, to picking weeds, and even setting out the trash that comes tomorrow!  I only have them come once a month, but it is SOO worth it!  (Thanks baby for hiring them for me!  :)  )

Tomorrow we dont really have a lot of plans but I do have a couple errands to run!

I got to hear Bills voice today!  It was AMAZING!  Its been 20 days since I have been able to talk to him on the phone!  Usually it is by email or chat.  It was SOO nice! 

It is about bedtime so I hope everyone has a good night!!   :)   <3 

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