Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is SO excited but yet SO sad!

This has been a HARD week on me.  We found out that Bill is going to Afghanistan 2 weeks before the baby is born.  It was such a heartbreaker!  I was NOT ready for that news.  It was the LAST thing that I thought Bill would tell me.  The decision has been made that I will be moving back to Iowa to live with my Mom while he is gone.  It is exciting but yet so sad.  Im glad that I will be around my AMAZING family and GREAT friends, but it would have been better if my Husband could be with us too!  Im not sure how I will handle him leaving and coming back here without me before he deploys.  I just know that he is our HERO and my BEST friend!  He is the love of my life and the BEST Husband that ANYONE could EVER ask for!  I know that he will come back to me safe but I am NOT ready for him to leave.  Im SOO happy that Bill will be with me next week when we find out what the baby is!  That means A LOT to me!  Well, until then, I have nothing else to say.....EXCEPT.....I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!  <3

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