Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Im FINALLY back in Okinawa.....and have Grandma with me!  We got here last Friday (5 days ago).  Time has went fast so far, but thats okay.  We have just been around the house most of the time getting things cleaned and organized.  We have been on a few trips out in to town and Grandma is always in awe.  There is SO much to see and take in.  This weekend I am getting a sitter so Grams and I can have time together for a few hours.  Then, next Tuesday is the Ball.  We are both really excited.  I cant believe that I talked Grams in to wearing a dress AND wearing make-up!  lol  We will definitely take LOTS of pictures! 

Im SO excited for Bill to get home.  Not too much longer!!!!  :)  Im REALLY excited for him to take some leave so it is just US as a FAMILY!  Ahh.....Im thinking that I will be in HEAVEN when that time comes!

Well, time to get all of us settled for the night.  Ill keep everyone updated on how things are going!  :)

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